I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but started my Photography career at the Saanich News in Victoria, British Columbia. I moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1989 and have been freelancing in this area covering the Eastern Canadian Provinces and the New England States. Since 1998 I have been shooting as a staff photographer at The Daily Gleaner Newspaper in Fredericton, but still continue to freelance.

Also in 1998 the paper changed over to digital cameras, so I am fully trained in the use of the Canon 1D, D60 and Canon/Kodak EOS-DCS 520 Digital Cameras. All photos on my site with "DG" in the copyright, were taken with a digital camera. Other duties I am responsible for at the paper is photo editing, which mainly includes choosing and then preparing photographs for the press. In my spare time I volunteer as the Atlantic Vice President for the Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association.

Besides working for The Daily Gleaner I have also worked directly for The Canadian Press, The National Post, The Financial Post, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, The Victoria Times Colonist, and the Saanich News. Through my work with Canadian Press my work has appeared in news magazines like McLeans and almost every major newspaper in Canada, and also many in the United States through The Associated Press.

I have covered such stories as the Crash of Air Canada Flight 646, Swiss Air Flight 111, and the Kosovo Refugees that were displaced because of the war.

I have traveled extensively through Canada, The United States(including Hawaii), and 12 Europian countries. In early 1989 before the Berlin Wall came down, I photographed both sides of the Wall with all of the East/West tensions still visible. Traveling through Check Point Charlie, pocked marked buildings were a reminder that the war wasn't all that long ago. On that same trip I was fortunate to photograph the beauty of the former Yugoslavia before it was ravaged by war.

My best trip of all was in June of 1996 when fate brought my beautiful wife Kara and myself together. We met on of all things a bus at Disney World. She is originally from Ohio so with a lot of traveling back and forth we got married a year to the day later from when we had met.

Thanks for taking a interest getting to know a little more about me. If there are any questions or if there is something on our website you want to talk about just email me.

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