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Aerial Photography: At present this consists of helicopter lift shot and a nice fall aerial view of Downtown Fredericton.

Air Canada Flight 646 Crash: Not all landings are perfect.

Air Tractor AT-802F: The New Water Bomber arrives at Forest Protection Limited.

Amish, the: View of a simpler time, a moment captured of Amish life in the country near Canton, Ohio.

Aviation: Sunrise over an F-15 Fighter Jet, Snowbirds over the St.John River, TBM Advenger Water Bomber, WWII Harvards, The Blue Angels

Aviation Disasters: Air Canada 646, Swiss Air 111 and a near miss by Canadain Regional flight 8604

Awards:Nominated for Canadian Press Picture of the Month


Black Bear: A female black bear wonders into a Fredericton neighbourhood with her two cubs.

Blacksmith feature story: This is photo story on local blacksmith Paul Jennings.

Bull Fighting: A Matador tests his nerve in Seville Spain.

Bus Crash: Four children from Newton, Mass., die in accident in Sussex, NB.


Canadian Regional flight 8604: Over shot the runway in Fredericton.

Chretien, Jean: Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien speaks to a room full of liberal members and supporters during a rally in Fredericton, NB.

Cleveland Indians: This is a photo story I did from the perspective of a photographers day at a major league ball game.

Commercial Photography Section: Examples of my commercial work.

Covered Bridge: The view from the inside of a local covered bridge after a fresh snowfall.

Current Events: A photo I update weekly of the latest thing I've witnessed.


Dance Fredericton: This is an example of location work I did at Dance Fredericton.

Day, Stockwell: Alliance leader visits Fredericton.

D-Day: WWII veteran Jack Veness remembers June 6, 1944, and beyond.


Entertainers: Bo Derek, Reba McEntire and Natalie MacMaster.


F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet: Silhouette of a F-15 Eagle as the sun breaks over the Canadian Rockies.

Features, single: Whether I'm on assignment or just looking around, these photos show the daily life of the people I see.

Features with story: A few of the Photo stories that I have done, like: Yugoslavia, Beauty not forgotten, Blacksmith, Hammering out a living, Cleveland Indians, a photographers day at Jacob's Field

Fire Fighting: To those Firefighters that make our world a safer place.

Financial Post: Section showing the work I've done for the Financial Post and National Post.

Flooding: Living by a river with a seasonal tide.

Florence, Italy: A touch of Europe found in a back alley in Florence.

Fredericton, NB: Aerial fall shot of Fredericton, NB, Canada.


Globe and Mail, The: One of the photos I've done for the Globe.

Graphic Design: Graphic design work I did of a book cover.

Gleason, Kel : Dan and Nena Gleason react to the news that their son Kelly Gleason was voted off the CBS Survivor show .


Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival 1999: One shot so far of Sue Foley.

Homeless survival: Homeless trying anything to find warm shelter.


In the public Eye: The people that entertain us and create our headlines. Politicians, Royalty and Entertainers.



Key West Florida: A couple of photos from our trip to Key West in May 2003.

Kosovo Crisis: Photos following the lives of the one thousand Kosovo refugees that came to Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.


Lighter side, The: As a Photojournalist you have to sometimes find the lighter side of some of the horrible things that we see.


McCain, Harrison: National Post interview when he announced his retirement.

Military: From training to ceremonies.

Montreal Massacre: Remembering the women who died in Montreal.

Moscow State Circus: Dazzling flames from a performer of the circus.


National Post: Section showing the work I've done for the National Post and Financial Post.

Native rights: From logging to fishing rights.

Nova Scotia International Airshow 99: Thumbs of a few participants in the 1999 show, including: Canadian Airforce Snowbirds, The US Navy Blue Angels and the Cormorant Search and Rescue Helicopter

Newfoundland Rescue Dogs: Three photos from a recent workshop for Newfoundland Rescue Dogs.



Paul Martin: Federal Finance Minister Paul Martin drops by to tell us how wonderful the government is.

Photojournalism Section: Examples of my Photojournalism work.

Police Chase: Police run this car off the road after a chase through the city.

Politics: Our elected public officials, from The Prime Minister to Premiers.

Portraiture, Corporate: Photo of Crescent Studios President and CEO.

Pow Wow: St.Mary's First Nation holds it's first Pow Wow.

Public is watching: In the Public Eye section on Politicians, Royalty and Entertainers.



Rememberance Day: Let us not forget the soldiers that fought for out freedom.

Rememberance Day 2000: Two photos from the year 2000 service.

Royalty: Prince Charles drops by.


Snowbirds: Canada's Aviation Aerobatic flying team.

Sports section: Hockey, Martial Arts and Bull fighting.

Stabbing: Two woman battle it out leaving one of them stabbed in the head.

Stockwell Day: Alliance leader visits Fredericton.

Snow Storms: Living through Maritime weather.

Spitfire Pilots: Five local spitfire pilots honoured by aviation society.

Sugar Bush weekend: Ben Lapointe watches sap running from a maple tree at Kingslanding Historical Settlement's annual spring event.

Swiss Air 111 Crash: Crash off the coast of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Tall Ships: Tall Ships 2000 festival in Halifax.

TBM Avenger: The old world war II plane still being used as a water bomber in New Brunswick.

Train Derailment: 24 injured in train derailment in Stewiacke, NS.


Updates: This page helps you keep up with changes to our site.





Yugoslavia, Beauty not forgotten: Feature with story on the former Yugoslavia.


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